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Artistic Process

I approach abstract and expressionism by creating highly layered and textured paintings, suggesting an oceanography or topography surface.

The texture I create allows me to build and break up the flat surface of the canvas, while the combination of paints and mixed media enables colors to intermingle, creating unique, expressive abstracts. Presenting the perspective of one who has experienced highs and lows seasons, the canvases go deep regarding the depth of field, identifying feelings of sustainability, perseverance, peace, and more.


Growing up in Panama City, Panama surrounded by tropical sounds, colorful life, and in particular the ocean and mountains was ever present, and the visual language used in my paintings hark back to that connection. Through alternating mixed media between them intuitively and deliberately using prime acrylic paint, mixed and water-based media in my creative practice i produce exclusive esthetically and uplifting art for home or corporation.


I want to encourage the viewer proposing a fresh viewpoint, stirring self-acceptance, feelings of perseverance, and the ability to journey onward through the world’s vastness with renewed perspective and hope.

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